"Every day I hear of more & more men, women, young boys & girls, and teenagers that have absolutely fallen in love with horses. And our Horseman's Radio Weekly radio program provides guidance and direction to being around horses...and one of our goals is to listen to you our wonderful listeners and dedicate our show content to making life with and around horses absolutely wonderful."

...Jim Campbell


Upcoming Equestrian Events...

November 1-6 - Lexington, KY - CP National Horse Show - www.nhs.org

November 3-19 - Oklahoma City, OK - AQHA World Show - www.aqha.com


January 7-22 - Denver, CO - National Western Stock Show - www.nationalwestern.com

January 11-April 2 - Palm Beach, FL - Winter Equestrian Fesstival - http://pbiec.coth.com/

January 13-Feb 4 - Fort Worth, Tx - Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo - www.fwssr.com

January 20-22 - Timonium, MD - Horse World Expo - http://wordpress1.horseworldexpo.com/

January 25-29 - Los Angeles, CA - Pony Club Equine Symposium & Convention - https://www.ponyclub.org/

February 3-5 - Pomona, CA - Western States Horse Expo - https://horseexpoevents.com/

February 16-26 - Scottsdale, AZ - Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show - http://www.scottsdaleshow.com/



March 2-5 - Harrisburg, PA - Horse World Expo - http://wordpress1.horseworldexpo.com/



Horseman's Radio Weekly Guests...

Tim McQuay - www.mcquaystables.com

Barbra Schulte - www.barbraschulte.com

Dr. Jim Morgan -

Joe Howard Williamson -

Red Steagall - www.redsteagall.com

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Strange But True... Did you know that...

Horses Like Classical Music

Horses Cannot Vomit

Horses have 16 muscles in each ear that allowes them to rotate their ears 180 degrees

Horses have a great long term memory especially if they're spooked

The longest measured horse tail was 22 feet grown by an American Palomino named "Chinok"

As of 1991, 2% of American homes owned horses, putting horses 5th in popularity after dogs, cats, birds and fish.

Shetland ponies were first imported into the U.S. in 1885.

In Australia there were no horses until 1788.